3LOOKs | Short Posts Series | Post 4

It has been about three months since I posted, and I felt a need for posting. In those three months I got through lots of stuff, I was so busy at my work, and I am still busy, but I wanted to find some time to post some posts. I also managed to make some new shopping. I also been traveling to Holland, Amsterdam, really … Continue reading 3LOOKs | Short Posts Series | Post 4

Fall Winter | Collection | Versace

I like exclusive garments, because they look special, I love unique garments that look different, I love those garments that make you different, the garments that characterize you, the garments that shows your personality, the garments that tells everyone who you are. I don’t like just to wear what I see first in my closet, when I wake up in the morning I know what … Continue reading Fall Winter | Collection | Versace

Welcome 2017 | Good bye 2016

Tomorrow is the last day of 2016 year, we all had a great experience, maybe in social life, maybe at work or other spheres. I had some experiences too, and one of them is to start blogging on wordpress, I really love to write what I have in mind, It’s a great place to express your feelings, thoughts and your experience in life. I hope … Continue reading Welcome 2017 | Good bye 2016

Holidays Look – Look No.9 by Yan

The holidays are coming soon, and therefore we are in rush and we want to buy presents, clothes, other new stuff, because you always wanted something new on the holidays, especially when you want to open the new year with new stuff. And some of us will be focused on new clothes, new garments, new accessories and so on. Therefore I have a prepared look … Continue reading Holidays Look – Look No.9 by Yan

My New Bracelets & a Surprise

So it wasn’t so long since I made my post about the bracelet, the post’s subject is Trendy Bracelets For Men. And as you could expect, I bought today two bracelets of BROSWAY. The price for both of them was about 170$ or 155 Euros. I think that it’s a good deal because I also got a discount of about 30%. Here are some pictures … Continue reading My New Bracelets & a Surprise