3LOOKs | Short Posts Series | Post 5

Some poeple like to be different and also look different, and therefore they decide to wear revolutionary clothes, they prefer brands that look extraordinary, more vulgar as as I call it revolutionary.

I think that those people that seek for exatraordinary clothes to wear every day, they are fed up with the rules according to which we live. They are looking for new ideas that will bring us light in our live, those ideas will make our mind more fresh.

This kind of a person is Philip Plain. He didn’t followed the ordinary rules, the ordinary suits, ties, elegant shoes, etc. He wanted to creat, he wanted to invent something new, something extraordinary, a new idea. By creating this fashion and bringing this idea to life, he expressed his feelings, thoughts and conception of life.

I like this brand, it’s a very unique brand that fits very well the young generation. Very fresh brand, with new ideas, new style that we are not used to it, but we will get used to it. I don’t wear Philip Plain, but I am recently trying to move to another level of fashion, I think that I am starting to love this kind of design. In my previous post  3LOOKs | Short Posts Series | Post 4 I told you that I am a simple person and I look for simplicity and I struggle to accept starnge designs. But guys, you see that this design is our future, you also see GUCCI, Louis Viutton, VALENTION and other top brands starting to creat extraordinary fashion, and thats good.

I am leaving here 3 looks, the 3 I liked most. Think about them, you also can leave your comments about them. These 3 looks are taken from the Fall Winter Collection of Philip Plain.


Philip Plain FW 2017 Collection


Philip Plain FW 2017 Collection


Philip Plain FW 2017 Collection


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