3LOOKs | Short Posts Series | Post 4

It has been about three months since I posted, and I felt a need for posting. In those three months I got through lots of stuff, I was so busy at my work, and I am still busy, but I wanted to find some time to post some posts. I also managed to make some new shopping.

I also been traveling to Holland, Amsterdam, really great city with lots of interesting sites and Coffee Shops, but I didn’t smoke, I just don’t like these things.

By the way I recommend you very much to visit Batavia Stad. It’s an outlet shopping center, you can find there Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, Hugo Boss, Replay, Polo Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Desigual, Gant, Napapijri, etc. So if you are in Holland, take a day off from Amsterdam and rent a car, or take a train and travel to Batavia Stad. For example I drove over there, it’s about an hour by car from Amsterdam.

So now let us talk about this post. There are some new ideas came up by some designers, and there are some interesting designs of DSQUARED2 that I found. I want to tell you what I think about them, what I like and don’t like.

DSQUARED2 is an Italian Brand that has it’s uniqueness, and some people will not like it. I for example like some of the designs and some of them I don’t like. Like everything in life, there advantages and disadvantages in some things.

I am very simple, I always look for simplicity and if there are some strange designs I struggle a little bit to accept them. So I decided to discuss about them.

You will see now three interesting looks. What really I didn’t like about them is the shoes, since when men walk on high platform or hills, that’s not manlike. So yes, the designer thought about some unique design and then he created at last this design. But that’s not man like. And think about an other situation, that this design becomes trendy, so the men will have to learn to walk on these high platforms/hills.

But the rest garments of these three looks I liked very much, they fit very good young man or a good looking man at every age.


DSQUARED2 Spring Summer 2017


DSQUARED2 Spring Summer 2017


DSQUARED2 Spring Summer 2017


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