3LOOKs | Short Posts Series | Post 3

My last post was almost a month ago. Yes I was busy recently and I am going to be busy much more in the near future. On this post I am going to talk not only about fashion or fashion aspects, but to share some thoughts of mine.

Some thoughts came to me on the last three months. I see people that follow rules, rules that tell us how to live in the best way, but is it the best way. I see people that try to satisfy others, even they don’t feel comfortable. They look happy, they think that those acts make them better, but is it really that way. Think about it and tell me what do you think. In my next post I will tell you what I think about it.

And back to fashion, I think that I understand fashion, I am not an expert and I believe that I make some mistakes, but I am a human so it’s OK. But I see something that I do not like, I see people that think that understand fashion, and they wear clothes that don’t fit them or they try to adopt style that doesn’t fit them, I understand that they want to wear what ever you like, but there has to be some logic. You have to understand that not every style will fit you, I know that because I am 1.74 [m], I will not wear long coats, because it’s not for me, this style is for high guys. Or some wear shoes that do not fit the pants and so on.

So for today I have three looks of my favorite brand, Paul & Shark. I will show you only three looks, because this post series is about 3 looks only. And because the spring and the summer is coming in big steps towards us I will show you 3 looks of the Paul & Shark Spring and Summer Collection. Ladies, if you want to search for looks that fit you, you can also find that on this link. By the way if you think that I make here advertisement, so I don’t, I just do it because I love fashion and I love when other people read what I have in mind.

By the way, if I compare Paul & Shark to ZILLI, if you remember my 2nd post about ZILLI of this series, so the Paul & Shark brand is much more affordable than ZILLI, I am not saying that you shall buy Paul & Shark as much as you buy H&M, ZARA, Bershka or what ever you have in mind. But if you want to spoil yourself with a high quality garment once a year or twice a year, or as much as you can afford it, it will worth it, just believe me.

So enjoy the next 3 looks that look adorable, think about tomorrow but think about today also. Enjoy the little moments of live.


Paul & Shark SS 22017


Paul & Shark SS 22017


Paul & Shark SS 22017

Photos: all credit to Paul & Shark Website.


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