3LOOKs | Short Posts Series | Post 2

I know people who do not care about fashion, and that’s OK, because it’s not an interest of them. But I am not able to not care about fashion, that’s not my way, it’s not me. I was born to a fashion designer, my mom was 25 years ago a fashion designer, and I inherited all that knowledge.

I know if the quality of the clothes is good or bad, I know to distinguish between good and bad seam. I love to choose my clothes carefully, and when I am in rush and I still shop I can be disappointed.

Of course I am not a designer or fashion stylist and I don’t have the right skills of a fashion designer or a fashion stylist. I just love fashion and that’s one of my interests, lets say that this is one of my hobbies.

I don’t know if I feel enough the spirit of fashion, I think that if I felt it enough I wouldn’t become an engineer, but rather become a designer. I think that today it’s very hard to become a designer, because it’s a very tough and competitive sphere. Yes sometimes life isn’t fair.

So I do what I am the best at, numbers and calculations. But who knows what will happen tomorrow. Sometimes we have surprises in life, and miracles happen. I hope it’s your miracle to happen tomorrow.

So today I will concentrate on 3 looks of a great an exclusive brand that claims to unreachable to simple people like us. I am going to show you 3 looks of the ZILLI brand. Zilli already introduced the SS of 2017 Collection. So the next 3 looks are the looks that I like the most.

Yes, you are right, only rich people can afford this exclusive brand and who care about it. But can’t we dream about it, can’t we express what we think about it, can’t we observe and tell our opinion about it??

We must have progress in our life towards higher achievements, we must have motivation in our life. Some people dream of having a Mercedes Benz S class, some people dream of traveling to exotic places like the Maldives or Bora Bora, some dream of having a big farm of cows ,sheep and horses, some dream of becoming a writer and so on. And some dream of having exclusive clothes, yes it’s a dream and do not tell me that you don’t think like that.

For example, I dream of becoming a fashion magazine writer, or having a fashion magazine of my own, or even to design clothes and have a fashion line of my own.

So now I write about fashion in my blog, and sometimes our great achievements happen spontaneously, and who knows what will happen tomorrow as I said before.

So enjoy the next 3 looks of the Men SS 2017 Collection, and if you desire to see more looks enter the link I left above. And as you will notice I love the blue color, because it makes me relaxed.


Spring Summer 2017 ZILLI Collection


Spring Summer 2017 ZILLI Collection


Spring Summer 2017 ZILLI Collection

Photos: all credit to ZILLI Website.


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