3LOOKs | Short Posts Series | Post 1

You maybe noticed but recently I don’t make lot of posts, and that’s because I don’t have time. I work alot, and I have to study, I am a masters degree student, so only when I have free time I make posts.

I also saw that you liked very much my recent posts, on these posts I told you what I think about fashion, what I think about super brands and my opinions about that world. It’s very interesting and I still have to share more thoughts with you and I hope you will like them and appreciate them.

I make posts about fashion and other stuff, because I like that, I am not paid for that, I just enter sites and choose clothes or looks that I like, sometimes I post about clothes that I bought for my self. I love to share my thoughts about women fashion also, because I think that it’s interesting and lets say that it’s a main stream of today’s fashion and I have to tell what I think about it.

I want to try a new kind of posts, it’s going to be lets say kind of a project, those posts are going to be short and straight to the point as much as I will be able to make it like that. On this project every post is going to have only 3 looks that I liked very much. I am going to put them in my posts, the looks will belong to one brand only, and on every post I will choose another brand. It can be an exclusive brand, it can be an affordable brand for people like me and you and it can be a sport brand also.

The next 3 looks I took from the Dior Homme Winter 2017/2018 Show. And those are the looks that I liked the most. I think that the clothes that we wear express ourselves, they express our thoughts, they express silently our feelings, of course it depends on our taste, because when I am happy I can wear bright clothes and somebody else can were dark clothes.

It is interesting How it all works actually. Take for example the next three looks, the first one is dark, the next is bright and the last is in the middle. And for everyone each look will give other feelings. Designing clothes is an art, and the designers try to express their feelings, and they even try to deliver us those feelings.

So enjoy the next three looks. If you want to see more looks just enter the link I left above.


Dior Homme Winter 2017/2018 Show – Look 1


Dior Homme Winter 2017/2018 Show Look 2


Dior Homme Winter 2017/2018 Show – Look 3

Photos: all credits to Dior Website.


4 thoughts on “3LOOKs | Short Posts Series | Post 1

  1. I know that its Dior Man, but to be honest 1st and 2nd look are so very awesome, Id wear it myself. The third is also really cool, but I dont wear suits at all ^^ Continue writing about fashion as long as it turns you on, cos your taste is amazing! ❤

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