Fall Winter | Collection | Versace

I like exclusive garments, because they look special, I love unique garments that look different, I love those garments that make you different, the garments that characterize you, the garments that shows your personality, the garments that tells everyone who you are.

I don’t like just to wear what I see first in my closet, when I wake up in the morning I know what clothes I will wear. If I won’t to wear coats or just jackets maybe I want to wear a cardigan or a vest. Tomorrow I want to wear jeans, after tomorrow I want to wear simple trousers and maybe I will like to wear sport clothes. I depends on your mood on that specific day.

So wear what you want, don’t wear what you see first in your closet, believe me. What you wear it’s what people think of you, and if it’s important to leave impression on someone maybe on your boss maybe on your date and maybe on your friends so do as I say and choose correctly depending on the what your are going to do on that specific day.

So, I want still to talk about the fall and winter collection, and on this post I will talk specifically about Versace fall and winter collection.

There are actually some looks that I liked, I won’t show you all the looks, because I show only what I like. If you want to see some other looks you are welcomed to enter this link and visit Versace Fall & Winter 2016 Men’s Collection & Fall & Winter 2016 Women’s Collection.

Versace Fall & Winter Men Collection

Versace Fall & Winter Women Collection

So that’s it for today, I hope you enjoyed the looks I chose and the whole post. Thank you for reading and following my post.

Photos: all credits to Versace Website.

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