Fashion – Look No. 10 by Yan

It’s been a while since I made a post of Look by Yan. So now I think it’s time, and since we are in the middle of the winter, I will give you a perfect look by Yan. This specific look is going to be a unique, because all the garments that I will show you, I own them. So lets start.

Recently I got in to vests, and they attracted my attention too much lately, and of course I went and bought one. And I think that if you buy a vest you have to choose the right brand, and the right brand this time is Timberland.

Another garment that I purchased are jeans of REPLAY, they have slim fit, and they look great with my PANAMA JACK boots. You can see them on my post of Barcelona & Costa Brava – Day 2.

I matched the Vest, jeans and my boots to a belt of a brand called MAX MORETTI. But here we have 2 options of top garment:

  • Ralph Lauren Casual Shirt.
  • TOMMY HILFIGER knitted sweater.

So here you have my TOMMY HILFIGER knitted sweater.


TOMMY HILFIGER knitted sweater

And here is my Ralph Lauren shirt.


Ralph Lauren shirt

My Combination of REPLAY jeans, Timberland vest and MAX MORETTI belt.


REPLAY jeans | Timberland vest | MAX MORETTI belt

So you can wear the knitted sweater or the casual shirt with my combination of the jeans, vest and belt. It’s even possible to wear the sweater on the shirt if you like this style, I tried that and I think that it’s great. You really look like a macho. I am an engineer so this look fits me, I like this style.

And here are my PANAMA JACK boots, that look great and can fit this look.





I hope you like this post, I try my best. Leave comments if have them. And thank you very much for following and reading my posts!!

Photos: all photos are mine.


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