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We are simple people, we are not rich, we think twice before spending our money. But we still want to enjoy in our life, we want to wear good clothes, we want to look trendy and stylish, go on vacations and drive good cars.

I won’t tell you about all that in this post, I will just tell you how you can look exclusively and still spending less money on that.

Meet Massimo Dutti. This brand is exclusive and affordable for people like us. I don’t tell you to buy only Massimo Dutti garments, buy what ever you want and have in mind, it’s your decision what to buy. But I think that if you want to look exclusively you can choose Massimo Dutti.

What I will show you in this post are garments that I like personally. I always put here what I like most and what I think you should consider to have. So lets begin.

Here is a Brown nappa leather jacket. You can actually wear it everywhere, you can wear it if you go to a pub, or if you consider to go on a walk or so. Maybe if you want to go on a date. This Jacket will fit jeans and other dark or bright trousers.

Another choice you have is the next navy blue jacket. It looks very simple, but still it can be a good choice, and you will enjoy this jacket. You will look great in this jacket. You can take it on a day walk, or if you go shopping, maybe if you go to meet your friends.

And here you have one more option and it’s the grey textured weave coat. It looks gorgeous, and I think that it will fit only tall men, because if you are not tall enough, this coat will each your knees and it will look like a dress.

If you want a good sweater or a cardigan you have the next choices. First you have this amazing sweater with quilted front detail. You can wear it in a pub, restaurant, maybe when you go to meet or visit your friends or maybe on a date.

And if your favorite color is black, you have this sweater in black color.

If you like cardigans, you have this textured weave flecked cardigan. You can wear it on special events, you may wear this cardigan if you go on a date or maybe to a pub or a bar. But you have to wear a shirt under the cardigan.

And here is another cardigan. It’s a textured weave design cardigan, that you can wear everywhere. What really I like in the garments that choose is that in my opinion those garments you can wear everywhere. Tell me what you think in the comments.

If you like casual or formal shirts, I also found some interesting choices for you. Here is the first casual shirt that looks good, and it’s a slim fit small print shirt. You can’t wear it at work, but you can wear it if you go to a bar or a restaurant, maybe a dance club.

If you search for shirt for work, you can choose this striped shirt.

An another perfect choice that I like very much and this shirt you can wear on special occasions or to a dance bar and even wear it at work. It’s called the slim fit grey denim shirt with herringbone detail. I think that the grey color is a neutral color that fits every style, every event and occasion.

Other nice garments that Massimo Dutti offers are polo shirts with ling sleeves that look awesome. These polo shirts are not for work, they are for a day off, maybe if you go on a shopping day, maybe if you go visit your friends or relatives.

Here for example you have a blue polo shirt.

Or a bright grey polo shirt.

Maybe a dark grey polo shirt.

Now I will tell you about the trousers/pants that Massimo Dutti offers for you. I think that this black wool cotton trousers are good for wearing them at work, wearing them at a dance club or wearing them at formal events and that’s it.

And the next grey trousers are for work and formal events.

Of course if you prefer jeans, you have the next two pairs or one pair. Amm as you like. 🙂

And here is the second pair.

Of course that I can end my post just right here, but I think that I must show you some nice shoes and accessories.

So here are the shoes. You can have elegant shoes, you can have boots, you can have loafers and even sneakers.

These are the boots. They can fit blue trousers or jeans.

And here are the sneakers. They can feat bright brown or yellow trousers and even jeans.

And loafers. And those can fit jeans.

And for the end I will put here some accessories that I liked.

Here is a black leather briefcase. You can take it on duty journeys or on holiday journeys. I like this design very much.

And you have this brown leather wallet with a red inner. You can use it as for every day or for special occasions and events.

And here is a brown leather belt with diamonds details on it. You can fit it to jeans, grey trousers or blue trousers.

I could show you more, but now it’s your time to enter the Massimo Dutti Site, and look for garments that you like.

So thank you for following my site, thank you for reading my posts. Keep following and reading my posts, I appreciate that very much.

Photos: all credit for Massimo Dutti Site.


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