Fall | Winter – 2016 | 2017 Fashion Show – D&G

Ho Ho Ho.. Christmas is in one night only, how Peter Mc’calister said – Yaiks. This period of the holidays is great, all the warmth around us, that’s really great.

So what Dolce & Gabbana has to offer on this winter? Actually D&G made a fashion show about the Fall and winter of 2016/17. I enjoyed to see the great looks D&G proposed and exposed for us. Yes you are right, those are exclusive and expensive garments and we are simple working people. But can we have dreams, I think yes. And of course we can if you don’t have the budget you can have similar garments that cost much less than D&G’s.

This post I will divide to 2 parts: women and men. So enjoy the post, it will be great.

Women – D&G

I chose 27 looks out of 96 looks that D&G showed on the runway. As you see I chose what I like best, you can like it or not. Some of the looks has skirts, dresses and pants. I love classic looks, I think that retro style is awesome. Some of the looks has fur, because I love to see women in fur, they are more attractive and they just look good in fur.

Here is a link where you can see more looks for women: Women – FALL/WINTER 2016‑17 FASHION SHOW.

Men – D&G

As you see I love fur, it looks great even on men. I love sweaters and turtlenecks. You can see the leather jackets that look awesome and great on men. And the long coats that look great especially on tall men. Yes these guys are models, but it doesn’t matter how your body looks, if you fit clothes to yourself the best way, you will look stylish fashionable. And here I also chose 29 looks out of 80, I didn’t liked all the looks.

Here is a link where you can see more looks for men: Men – Fall/Winter 2016/17 Fashion Show.

So this is the end of the post, I hope you like it. I am glad you reading my content, and I am happy that you find it interesting. Live comments, like if you like and that’s it.

Photos: all credits for Dolce & Gabbana web site.


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