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On this post I am back to fashion, and because we are in the winter season, this post will be about the winter. In the winter you wear more clothes than in the summer, therefore you have more opportunities to express your style, attitude, perspective, etc.

I think that the clothes you wear describe you very well. They tell us if you understand something in fashion, they tell us your about your status, they tell us about your style, they tell us about your character, and I can keep that way.

As I tell always, feel free what ever you like, don’t listen to anyone, you like sport style clothes so wear them, you like more street style clothes so wear them, or maybe sport elegant and so on.

I am here to give you a little advice what you can combine in your look, I will tell you about new arrivals and I am here to show you new styles, retro style that are back and so on.

By the way, I really didn’t check, but because Christmas is 2 nights away you can have sails and very high discounts. I just don’t buy clothes any more for this winter because my closet is full of clothes.

So lets talk about what Bershka have to offer us in this winter. First of all I will tell you about what Bershka has to offer to  women and after that what it has to offer to men.

Bershka for Women

I will begin with a nice coat, I think that this coat looks great, there is something classic with this coat, and of course it will warm you and by wearing this coat you will show everyone that you have style and you don’t wear monotonic clothes.

If you prefer jackets, so I found a nice brown leather jacket for you, I think that this jacket will look great on you, if you like leather jackets so this is for you. You can wear it everywhere, you can wear it when you go to a pub, bar, restaurant, shows, social events, meeting friends and so on.

Some prefer cardigans, but it depends on the weather, if you live in the Mediterranean countries it won’t be a problem to wear a cardigan but if you live in the center or north of Europe you must wear a warming coat. So the next cardigan is very stylish that you can even wear it when you are in a building, you may wear it on work, if your work doesn’t require formal uniform or clothes.

Recently I noticed a specific clothe- vests, they became very trendy recently. So here you have a faux fur vest that you can wear at work, in a pub or a bar or even at you in order to make you warmer.

If you look for interesting and very in-ordinary and unique fashion, so this jacket is for you.

And this coat is awesome, it’s just look perfect. The grey color is a color that will fit every clothe.

Bershka for Men

The next coat has a classic style and look, it will fit you the best way if you are tall and thin and it will show the surrounding that you have style and you are not boring.

Some of you, I believe so, may like this army style coat. Some men like this style because it’s emphasizes their manhood(I hope I chose the right word).

If you are a biker, or just love leather jackets so the next jacket is for you. I actually think that every reasonable man must have a leather jacket in his closet. And this jacket you can wear on a day off when you go on a date, maybe meet friends or if you go shopping and so on.

Some men like vests, the old and classic vests that you see in American movies. I always have an association of a Canadian or American woodcutter when I see those vests. But if you like them, and it’s your style so go and have them. But if you choose right the vest, it won’t look awkward.

If you like more happier and not neutral colors, so the next camel yellowish jacket is for you. It’s warming, you can wear it everywhere, you can wear it on a date, or when you go to a pub or a bar, or just having a morning walk.

And maybe you will like this sport style jacket, and you are a guy of training clothes and you don’t love more formal and casual clothes.

So wear what you like more, feel free to express yourself!!

And thank you very much for following, I appreciate that very much 🙂

Photos: all credit to Bershka web site.


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