10 Christmas Movies

Tell me who don’t like Christmas movies!! I don’t think that there is a reasonable person who doesn’t!! I love so much to watch Christmas movies, you can feel the spirit of Christmas in the air. Even when I watch these movies not on Christmas period you can feel that warmth and this unique unexplained feeling of happiness and sweetness!! So lets begin.

Home Alone 1

Great movie about a kid staying alone at home by mistake and preparing surprises for the nasty robbers.

Home Alone 2

This actually a continue movie to the 1st, while this time Peter the kid is getting on the wrong flight and arrives to NYC, and there he prepares again surprises to the same robbers.


http://www.detsky-mir.com – Home Alone 2

The Holiday

When I watch this movie I feel the happiness and the warmth of Christmas. This movie is about an women from Hollywood and a women from a little town in England that were betrayed by their boyfriends and decide to switch houses on Christmas, and the things are getting more interesting after that.


http://www.seventeen.com – The Holiday

The Polar Express

It’s about a train that travels to the north pole, and takes kids to visit the land of elves and Santa.


Wikipedia – The Polar Express

The Santa Clause 1

It’s about a regular American family man who becomes a Santa.

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GOOGLE – The Santa Clause 1

The Santa Clause 2

It’s a continue movie to 1st one, and it’s about the same person becoming a Santa.


GOOGLE – The Santa Clause 2

The Family Stone

This film is about a family that has complication but at the end everything is solved, the end is a little bit sad, but totally the movie is great.


hellogiggles.com – The Family Stone


Amazon – The Family Stone

Die Hard 1

Die Hard is actually an action movie that happening during Christmas, and it’s about a policeman who saves a whole building from terrorists.


IMDb – Die Hard

Nothing Like The Holidays

A great movie that I like very much. I watched it dozen of times. This film talks about a Porto Rican family. One son return from Iraq, another comes with his wife from NYC, the daughter comes back from unsuccessful career in Hollywood. A great movie, I won’t tell everything, go and watch.


IMDb – Nothing Like The Holidays

This Christmas

This film is about an American family, everyone has his or her own problems which are solved as usually in the end. A great movie that will make you laugh.


IMDb – This Christmas

So go and watch what you like. I think that I made a great list of Christmas movies, put comments if you like those movies or not.

And thank you for reading and following my blog.

Notice: I do not own these photos.


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