Barcelona & Costa Brava – Day 6

Hello guys. So this was my last day in Costa Brava and Barcelona, then I left home. On this day I visited Montserrat, and the last hours in Catalonia I spent in Barcelona visit great shops.

Montserrat is actually a high mountain, you can see Barcelona and the sea from this mountain. On the mountain you will find a famous Benedict monastery named Santa Maria de Montserrat. In this monastery you will see the Black Madonna.

Now, if you want to reach this place you either rent a car and put the destination on the GPS navigation system, or take the a train that goes to this place, there is actually a special train that travels to this place, I just got to this place by a tour bus and that is the third option of transportation.

I recommend visiting this monastery because you will enjoy this place alot. You can have a lunch in a restaurant that is placed over there for tourists, the price is about 15 Euros and it includes beer and vine and other drinks. You can visit a souvenirs shop, where you will find souvenirs that are related to this place.

If you want to go higher on this mountain and reach the top of this mountain, you can take the funicular that climbs to the top of this mountain, when you will see the photos, you will understand that the angle of the of climbing is almost 90°.

I told you that you will see the sea and Barcelona from the mountain, but the rest of the view is amazing and you will see it in the photos.

But before I will show you the photos of Montserrat, I will show you some photos of great gardens placed in Lloret De Mar and this place is named Santa Clotilde Gardens.

Here is the view from the Santa Clotilde Gardens.

And here are some photos of Montserrat.

And here are some photos of the souvenirs shop.

And here is the view from Montserrat and the train to Barcelona.

After that we traveled to Barcelona, we had our last hours in Catalonia in Barcelona near the Rambla avenue. So the summary is: Barcelona is a very beautiful city that I will visit again when I will be married. Costa Brava is awesome, it’s great for young people, it’s great for couples and for families.

I hope you enjoyed my 6th and last post about my trip to Barcelona & Costa Brava.

By the way, all photos are mine.


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