Barcelona & Costa Brava – Day 5

So here I am going to tell you about the 5th day in Catalonia. And on this day I we were in Girona, then we visited a place where we bought some smoked meat and vine. Girona does not belong to Costa Brava but belongs to Catalonia. As I understood Girona is an industrial city, and by the way France is about 2 hours from Girona.

Who likes shopping can find local exclusive brands, really awesome clothes, high quality brands. Who likes architecture can find great churches and cathedrals. If you are Jewish or the Jewish history is of your interest you can visit the Jewish quarter.

If you are familiar with Jewish history, the who lived in Spain were expelled in 1492 to other countries or lands, because the new king and queen decided that only Christians can stay in Spain in order to make a catholic/christian country.

Here are some photos of the beginning of the tour and of the river that flows through the old city. I can tell you and assure you that this city is a great city.

Then we continued to the old city, but before the old city I took pictures of some young people spending their free time in some cafe restaurant.


You People Having Free Time


You People Having Free Time

Here are some photos of the Jewish quarter.

Look at this great picture of these mail boxes.


Interesting Mail Boxes

Here are some other great picture of a man walking in an ally of the Jewish Quarter.

Then as I told we went to see the churches and the cathedrals.

Here are some great photos that I took of some cars and a BMW motorcycle that I saw there. I am not an expert in motorcycles so if you know this model you can put it in the comments and I will update the post.

After this walk in the old city we had a lunch in a place that was 5 minutes away. If you are hungry after this tour you can find great little restaurants or pizzerias. By the way in some places the vine is included in the meal so enjoy it.

In Girona I bought two pairs of home shoes, they are made in Spain, and it was a good deal by the way.

So after Girona we traveled to buy some smoked meat, tasty ham sauseges and good reserve wine. There are two stores, in one of them you will find the meat and the wine, you even have barrels that contain wine, and you can come and taste the wine, I even heard some stories about people getting drunk over there. In the other store you can find good deals of whiskeys and cognacs, I heard that French people come to buy boxes of good VS and XO Corvazier. It’s funny to hear that French people buy french cognacs in Spain. The name of this place is Bodega El Paratge.

And here are two pictures of the barrels and the other stuff in this store.

I enjoyed the meat, the wine I bought there I haven’t opened it yet. I keep it for a special occasion. Here is the reserve 2012 wine I bought.

This cup of beer I got as a present from one of my best friends, he had a roots trip in Odessa, and he brought this beautiful cup or what ever you call it.

So this is the end of the post, I hope you liked my post!!


P.S: all photos are mine.


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