Barcelona & Costa Brava – Day 4

On the 4th day in Catalonia we were at Tibidabo, then we went to a park in Barcelona and after that we visited the Rambla avenue. As I mentioned before, our hotel was in Lloret De Mar which is located about 80km from Barcelona and we had to travel to Tibidabo and to Barcelona on the Bus.

So early at the morning we woke up, then had a shower and a good breakfast at the hotel. Then we got on our bus and had about an 1 hour of travel to Tibidabo. Tibidabo is actually a mountain near to Barcelona. On this mountain you can find the Sagrat Cor church and the Tibidabo Park which is actually a little Luna Park.

Here is the photo of the road that leads to the church and the park.

Here are some photos of outside view of the Sagrat Cor church and the Tibidabo Park.

Then we entered the church and looked inside the church, it was a very quiet church. Here are some photos of the interior.

And look at this amazing photo I made of the chandelier.


A Chandelier in Sagrat Cor Church

In this church you can find an elevator that takes you on the top of this church. And from the top of the church you have an amazing view. By the way on some of the photos you can find a tower which is a television station. On other photos you will see Barcelona and on some you will see a statue of Jesus.

After our visit to Tibidabo Mountain we traveled to Barcelona. In Barcelona we visited the Arc of Triumph – Arc de Triomf and the Ciutadella Park – Parc de la Ciutadella. Nice places to visit and to see, I loved very much the park. And in the park I was introduced to a great architecture.

Especially I love very much the next photos combination.

Then we walked to Ciutadella Park which is located near the Arc de Triomf.

After that I took 2 great photos and then we went to our bus. After that we went to visit and walk on the Rambla until the evening, and after that we traveled back to our hotel which is located in Lloret De Mar.

Here are the two great photos.


Road in Barcelona


Statue in Barcelona

The second photo with the cubical statue or what ever it is was an interesting thing, we all wondered what it is, maybe you can tell what it is.

On this day we ate in place where you pay about 15 Euros and eat as much as you can, it was a Chinese restaurant, and of course I forgot the name, sorry for that. I will try to find it very carefully on google maps, and when I find it I will put it here. I only remember that it wasn’t far away from the Rambla.

So here ends the 4th day in Barcelona. Thank you very much for reading this post, I appreciate that alot!!

Notice: all photos are mine.


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