Barcelona & Costa Brava – Day 3

So it’s been a while since I made a post about my trip to Barcelona. As you saw in my previous posts about this trip, I was busy every day and didn’t rest a bit.

On the third day we had a short cruise early in the morning from Lloret De Mar to Tossa De Mar. The cruise was nice and there wasn’t high waves.


Lloret De Mar Beach

The sailing from Lloret De Mar to Tossa De Mar took about 40 minutes and 40 minutes back to Lloret De Mar. During the Sailing we saw some villas on the shore and on the cliffs, some of them were on sail, and if you want to buy one of them you must have some millions of Euros in your bank account. Here are some of them.

Then we reached our destination, Tossa De Mar. Tossa De Mar is a very nice little town, it has some charm on the visitors. I walked through the streets and alleys and there was something enchanted in these places. Here are some photos of this amazing town.

After this walking in Tossa De Mar we got on the deck and sailed back to Lloret De Mar. By the way a day before there was a storm and people didn’t get close to the shore because it was dangerous.

After that we got back to our hotel, then we had lunch and because we had free time we went to have some shopping. On this day I bought my Desigual  long sleeve button shirt that I like very much and I wear it on weekends when I go out with friends or I visit my cousins and so on. Here are a photo of this shirt.


Desigual Button Long Sleeve Shirt

After we had some shopping and walked in the old city of Lloret De Mar we went to our hotel to have a shower and get ready for the Flamenco Show. This Flamenco show was awesome, I didn’t enjoy any kind of shows for some good years. I recommend alot to visit this show. The place is called: Castle of Valltordera. You also can watch another show of knights battle. On both shows there is an option to have a dinner with vine, but you can only have one dinner or at the knights battle or at the Flamenco show. Just check it on google. Oh I forgot to tell you that before the Flamenco show, we watched two local singers singing, that was nice .Here are some photos of these singers.


Singers at the Flamenco Show


Singers at the Flamenco Show

And here are the photos of the Flamenco Show.

So after this show we returned to our hotel had some rest and went to sleep. To be honest: I enjoyed this show alot. And I really recommend to watch this show.

So this is it for Barcelona & Costa Brava – Day 3, wait for next post Barcelona & Costa Brava – Day 4. You can also visit: Barcelona & Costa Brava Day 1 and Barcelona & Costa Brava Day 2.

I hope you enjoyed may post, keep following!!

Notice: all photos are mine.


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