Warm Yourself – Holidays Fashion

I always concentrate on men fashion, but why keep this way.. I think that I have to tell you about women fashion also. We actually know that world trends and the global fashion is first of all concentrating in women, so I can do it either.

I will keep telling about winter fashion and holidays fashion as in my last posts. I think that women deserve my attention even more than men. Well, I love to see when a women is dressed according to present trends and of course when she fits those clothes to herself in the best way. It’s very pleasant to see that.

And because the holidays are coming with big steps, I will keep showing you clothes for the holidays!!

The winter is my favorite season, because where I live it’s very hot and we actually don’t have a real winter, it’s cold in the winter but we don’t have snow, actually we have snow only on some heights. And it’s very pleasant to visit Europe in the winter and to see all that snow and to feel the low temperature under the 0 [°C].

So lets stop talking about me and lets begin with warm and comfortable and trendy fashion for women.

It’s very pleasant and sexy to see a woman wearing a sweater. So here is an interesting sweater of Desigual.

Some women like to wear a long coat, and some not. So here is a long coat made of wool of ARMANI JEANS. Yes you can say that this coat doesn’t fit the sweater above and I will agree with you about it, and you don’t have to wear them both at once.

Here is a jacket of Levi’s. You know I love this embedded style of coats, shirt jackets and so on.

And to this jacket you can add the next sweater of HOLLISTER.

If you like simple sweaters, so here you can find an ARMANI EXCHANGE classic sweater

Or this sweatshirt of Desigual. By the way this combination of the skirt and the sweatshirt is awesome.

Here is a skinny fit denim by DIESEL that will fit in the best way to each sweater I showed you here.

But if you don’t like DIESEL or you can’t afford it, you can have this jeans of Abercrombie & Fitch that look nice.

Or this jeans of Abercrombie & Fitch.

If you like skirts, so here is an interesting skirt of Desigual.

And here is another Desigual skirt. You know what, those skirts are bombshells. And the combination with this sweater is awesome.

And of course the foot wear. So here are pair of boot by Timberland which you can fit to the denim or jeans pants.

Or these DIESEL leather boots with hills, that you can fit to the pants or to the skirts.

Ohhhh.. I forgot something: hats!!! So here is a trendy RUSSIAN style hat of HOLLISTER.

Or this one by HOLLISTER too.

So wear what you like best, and don’t care what people think, feel free, because the most important thing is what in you heart!! And have a big smile because the holidays are coming!!

So I hope you liked this post, and keep following me.

Notice: I don’t own these photos.


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