My New Bracelets & a Surprise

So it wasn’t so long since I made my post about the bracelet, the post’s subject is Trendy Bracelets For Men.

And as you could expect, I bought today two bracelets of BROSWAY. The price for both of them was about 170$ or 155 Euros. I think that it’s a good deal because I also got a discount of about 30%.

Here are some pictures of the bracelets. I think that with my Desigual Button Shirt sleeve they look great and very prestigious. What do you think about them??


BROSWAY bracelets


BROSWAY bracelets

By the way a year ago I bought a Swiss Made watch of which I enjoy very much. The watch  belongs to the CERTINA brand, I love this watch very much. And for every day work I have another Swiss Made watch that belongs to the Swatch brand. By the way, the Swatch company is actually a big group of Swiss Made watches that holds brands like the CERTINA, TISSOT, OMEGA, RADO, LONGINES, SWATCH, MIDO, HAMILTON, HARY WINSTON, etc.

Here are some pictures of my CERTINA watch, I don’t remember the exact model. I think that my watch also looks great with my Desigual Button shirt sleeve. And this is my surprise, the CERTINA watch, though I bought it a year ago.



If you want to leave comments, I will be glad to read them. I always enjoy to hear other opinions, because not everyone loves the same style.

So I hope to see my new bracelets and my CERTINA watch.

Notice: all photos are mine.


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