Trendy Bracelets For Men

Hi guys, what’s up? Amm this post is going to be special, so lets begin..

Recently I got interested in bracelets, and I want to know what do you think about it. I want to choose a bracelet for myself and thought maybe you can help me. There are some brands that I am not familiar with, and I want to get more information about those brands, and I will be glad to read your comments about them.

So the first brand is cold Zorrata, I always see their advertisements on Facebook and I got interested in some of their collections: the Lion and the Royal collections. Here are three examples that I liked very much:


1) Regal Stack – 1st example by Zorrata – Royal Collection

The 2nd bracelet of Zorrata.


2) Gold Lion Stack – 2nd example by Zorrata – Lion Collection

And the 3rd bracelet of Zorrata. By the way if you read my posts you may know that I love the blue color.


3) Blue Sediment Lion – 3rd example by Zorrata -Lion Collection

Here you can see bracelets of a local and unknown manufacturer. I think that they look great, but I don’t know if the quality is good. And still I want to know your opinion about them.


4) Local Manufacturer


5) Local Manufacturer

Those 2 bracelets are made of stainless steel and covered with gold or silver and you can find zircons on them.

These two are of the same manufacturer.


6) Local Manufacturer


7) Local Manufacturer

Another and cool brand that I saw is BROSWAY. Do you know this brand, maybe you can tell me about it? As I understood it’s an Italian brand and all the products of this brand are Made in Italy. By the way if I am wrong so correct me please, I am not an expert in these stuff.

Here are some nice bracelets that I liked.


8) Bracelet Karma Lite Brown


9) Bracelet Karma Green


10) Bracelet Karma Brown


11) Bracelet HIMALAYA 2


12) Bracelet HIMALAYA 1


13) Bracelet Karma Black

I especially like the green and the brown bracelets, they look awesome. I saw them in a store and they are awesome.

As you see I gave numbers to the bracelets, in order you will able to leave comments about them. So I will be thankful, because I want to choose a bracelet for myself. I know that those bracelets became very popular and trendy and I like this style.

By the way if you recognize the bracelet on the main photo, I will thankful for that.

So I hope you liked this post, and thank you for reading this and helping me!!

Notice: the photos are not mine.


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