Cold Days

 While checking the site of ARMANI EXCHANGE, I noticed that they have cool stuff over there. And they got something that is cold TRENDS on their site. When I clicked on this link I was introduced to nice winter fashion that attracted my attention.

I love when a brand has a large variety to offer for its customers, especially a brand like ARMANI EXCHANGE that aims to a large audience. I will understand for example the ZILLI brand that aims to a specific and unique customers that specific budget.

So what ARMANI EXCHANGE has to offer us. They have nice leather cots, warming scarfs, cool sweaters, stylish jackets, cool vests, warming hats and nice gloves.

I think that a person who thinks that he or she has a taste in fashion or understands a little bit in fashion, must sometimes spoil him or her self with nice brands and of course he must choose them correct in order to match the clothes to him or her self. Those brands doesn’t have to be exclusive or very expensive, sometimes people look good with very cheap clothes.

As you know I especially concentrate in men fashion because I am a man. So lets begin with ARMANI EXCHANGE and what it offers us on these cold days.

The first clothe that I noticed is the next brown leather coat that looks awesome and with style. This coat you can use for everyday work, maybe go out to a pub or even a concert, today we don’t have to go to a concert with a suit.

The next clothe is a nicely designed with style red sweater with a collar. by the way you can wear that sweater for example and put the brown leather coat on it. You can wear this sweater on a short journey or maybe going to the park with you girlfriend or just wear it at home.

Look at this scarf, it has the color I love, it’s more like a gray color that makes this scarf special. you can put it on the red sweater for example and the contrast between the scarf and the sweater will emphasize the scarf.



I love leather gloves. I even have a pair at home. My gloves are not of ARMANI EXCHANGE but I think that a man who consider himself as person with style or a man with style must have leather gloves at list one pair. They look awesome especially with a black leather coat and with an exclusive Swiss watch. And if you have a luxury sport car, those gloves are for you.



If you think that a leather coat is not in your taste, so you can have a nicely designed jacket in a dark gray color. It can look on you perfectly if you find nice pants that will be perfectly fit this jacket.

And of course the next gloves will fit better to this jacket than the first pair.



If you like more agrressive looks and you are a person who doesn’t afraid of hard work, so this vest is for you.

If you really feel that it’s cold outside you can put the next hat on your head and keep your had warm.

Here is a nice sweater for a real metro sexual. You will look in this gray sweater like a real man that respect himself and spoils himself enough.

And for the end I will show you a nice black leather coat that combines knit. It’s classic, I am really impressed. And the rest comments I leave to you.



So think, you can wear the red sweater with this black coat put the hat on your head, put the first pair of gloves and put the scarf on your neck and enter a sport car like AUDI RS5 and just enjoy the life and.

So guys, thank you very much for reading this!!

Notice: I do not own these photos.


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