Welcome 2017 | Good bye 2016

Tomorrow is the last day of 2016 year, we all had a great experience, maybe in social life, maybe at work or other spheres. I had some experiences too, and one of them is to start blogging on wordpress, I really love to write what I have in mind, It’s a great place to express your feelings, thoughts and your experience in life. I hope … Continue reading Welcome 2017 | Good bye 2016

Fall | Winter – 2016 | 2017 Fashion Show – D&G

Ho Ho Ho.. Christmas is in one night only, how Peter Mc’calister said – Yaiks. This period of the holidays is great, all the warmth around us, that’s really great. So what Dolce & Gabbana has to offer on this winter? Actually D&G made a fashion show about the Fall and winter of 2016/17. I enjoyed to see the great looks D&G proposed and exposed … Continue reading Fall | Winter – 2016 | 2017 Fashion Show – D&G

Coats | Jackets | Cardigans | Vests – Bershka

On this post I am back to fashion, and because we are in the winter season, this post will be about the winter. In the winter you wear more clothes than in the summer, therefore you have more opportunities to express your style, attitude, perspective, etc. I think that the clothes you wear describe you very well. They tell us if you understand something in … Continue reading Coats | Jackets | Cardigans | Vests – Bershka

10 Christmas Movies

Tell me who don’t like Christmas movies!! I don’t think that there is a reasonable person who doesn’t!! I love so much to watch Christmas movies, you can feel the spirit of Christmas in the air. Even when I watch these movies not on Christmas period you can feel that warmth and this unique unexplained feeling of happiness and sweetness!! So lets begin. Home Alone … Continue reading 10 Christmas Movies

6 Destinations on Christmas in Europe

Tirol Tirol is actually a federal state of Austria and it’s divided to 2 parts: Northern Tirol and Eastern Tirol. On Christmas you will find there Christmas markets, and you can visit the hot springs of Bad Hofgastein, you will find there hotels where you can stay. So you have Christmas markets, exhibitions, ski and spa. Switzerland Switzerland is beautiful on Christmas. You can visit … Continue reading 6 Destinations on Christmas in Europe

Barcelona & Costa Brava – Day 6

Hello guys. So this was my last day in Costa Brava and Barcelona, then I left home. On this day I visited Montserrat, and the last hours in Catalonia I spent in Barcelona visit great shops. Montserrat is actually a high mountain, you can see Barcelona and the sea from this mountain. On the mountain you will find a famous Benedict monastery named Santa Maria … Continue reading Barcelona & Costa Brava – Day 6