Exclusive Look – Look No.8 by Yan

Sometimes we look for exclusiveness and for first class fashion, but on the other hand we don’t want to wear formal clothes. We want to clothes according to actual trends maybe according to present street fashion.

In this post I will take you to super brands fashion, and show you how super brands clothes can look awesome, simple and straight to the point.

Yes you can say who can afford this, you can say that only rich guys will afford these clothes for them selves, but on the other hand can’t we have dreams, can’t we have goals in our life. I think that we can have goals in our life and achieve those goals. So lets begin with this post.

So today we have a combination of some exclusive brands that actually don’t have an exclusive look, but have a simple, unique and awesome look.

In this post I will show you a sweater of Versace, a jacket of Emporio Armani, pants of Ralph Lauren Purple Label, shoes of Roberto Cavalli, a bag of Zilli, a scarf of Valentino and a belt of Louis Vuitton.

Here is a sweater of Versace. It’s a nice looking sweater, I love this lengthwise lines or stripes, if you wear this sweater it can actually tell that you have a specific style of a macho.

The next is the jacket of Emporio Armani. So here we got a very exclusive jacket, it doesn’t look so simple though the combination look simple. Who understands what you wear will know that you have a large amount of money in your account. It could be funny when guy who doesn’t have nothing buy these stuff and wear them. You know what, I hate this, I hate when people buy for themselves expensive clothes when they nothing to eat or can’t support their families and so on. Maybe now I can’t afford these clothes for myself and that’s why I won’t buy them for myself but who knows what time will show.

When we talk about Ralph Lauren we think straight about the Polo Ralph Lauren, butt people who understand know that Ralph Lauren offers more exclusive clothes like the Purple Label. These pants are awesome, especially when you combine them with a white or a very bright shirt or sweater and brown belt.

It’s funny, always when I talk or think about Roberto Cavalli I start to think about the Roberto Cavalli Vodka, by the way this is a good Vodka. But they have actually nice shoes and this time I decided to show you a brown leather sneakers of Roberto Cavalli. Yes why not, sneakers!!

You know, when I started to write this post, I thought why not to show you a nice a bag, and if you know ZILLI, they have really good leather bags, but good ones, believe me they are one of the best brands that creates good leather accessories. So here is a crocodile leather bag/briefcase in blue color of ZILLI, as you can remember I love this color, So enjoy it.


Gilbert Soft briefcase in nubuck crocodile classic clasp

You think that I finished with the accessories, so sit and keep reading. Here you will be introduced to a scarf by Valentino. It has a look of army scarf, but why not to add this scarf to this look, it will look awesome. This brand actually have nice garments and very exclusive garments.

And the last garment or accessory is a belt of LOUIS VUITTON. It has a classic view and it matches the gray pants of the Purple Label.



So I hope you enjoyed this post, this is the 8th post of Look by Yan series. I will keep posting Looks by Yan and I hope you will read them and enjoy them. So thank you guys!!

Notice: I do not own these photos.


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