Work In Process!!!

Hello guys. I am very sorry about not posting these days. I had some difficulties to find time, too much pressure at work and my studies.

Very soon I will keep posting about my trip to Barcelona and Costa Brava. Meanwhile I created an other site that will be dedicated to cars and motorsport, because I think that a blogger shouldn’t mix topics.

So if you like cars and motorsport, visit my new site All my posts about cars were moved to this site, so you can enter the link and enjoy my posts. I must tell, that I have much more work to finish on this blog and on the new one. I apologize if you expect something else, because I am new in this sphere and learn very slow.

If you have comments or some ideas or some advice, I will be glad to hear and read them, that’s can be very helpful for me.

So thank you for following me. I will make my best!!


Volkswagen Golf R Touch MK7


Tossa De Mar


Tossa De Mar


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