The winter is coming with big steps and very soon the winter will begin. So in this post I will concentrate about clothes for the winter, as I did in my previous posts about fashion. And I will tell you about the new arrivals of American Eagle Outfitters for the winter.

I will show you sweatshirts, sweaters, jackets, trousers and shoes. I won’t tell you about any accessories, because I don’t think that they are so important for the winter, especially when you go outside, maybe go to drink bear at the pub, or have a short trip at the nature and so on.

American Eagle is a simple brand for simple people like me for example, and it’s not so expensive. In my opinion the American Eagle is related to street fashion, and I think that a lot of people will agree with me.

So lets begin for the sweatshirts. Here are some nice sweatshirts that look great.

So here you can see a grey color of the sweatshirt, it’s very simple, you can wear them at home, or if you have a dog, you can walk the dog outside and wear this sweatshirt. Even if you go to the pub with friends, you don’t need to wear impressive and elegant clothes.

This sweatshirt is a thermal one. I love this color, it has a great look, very nice one, you can wear it and put a jacket on it and go on a date if you want. Maybe go down town or if you are a night person so you can visit night clubs with that sweatshirt.

Here are some other great sweatshirts, they are comfortable and great looking.

Some people like sweaters, someone will tell you that they are for gicks, but I don’t think so. So here are some great sweaters that I like very much.

This lone looks very nice and for sure very warming, actually it looks like a jacket. That sweater you can wear at home or even if you decide to visit friends, you can wear that and go to visit your friends. In this sweater you can have a man like look.

As you know I like the blue color, it’s one of my favorite colors. So I think that this sweater looks nice. And if you want, you can wear it on a date, of course it has to be a cold winter day.

Here are some more nice sweaters that in my opinion look great.

Those sweaters have fresh colors, they are not monotonic not boring. They can tell the the people around you that you have style and you know something about fashion.

I love jackets, I am kind of a frick of jackets. In my opinion a man must have jackets in his closet. That’s a clothe that gives you a style of a metro sexual. Some will argue about that, but that’s what they think and respect that.

That jacket you can wear everywhere, you can wear when you go to the work, when you go outside, on a date, when you go the pub. And it looks great and with style.

That’s an amazing jacket, you can impress your date with this jacket, you look like a metro-sexual with this jacket, and that tells that you have style. That’s a beautiful jacket.

And here are some more nice jackets.

The American Eagle trousers are very simple, they are not for impressing someone. But they are very comfortable and and for every day.

Those trousers are nice and simple, they are not exclusive so you can wear them at work maybe you can wear them on a date, that will be nice. You can wear them if go out or to a pub and so on.

These trousers you can wear at home, or if you go for a run, maybe to the gym, that can be nice. And here are some more trousers, for every day.

The shoes that American Eagle offers are of American Eagle and of other brands. They are very simple for every day, going to work, go out, the moccasins that you will see are like home shoes. And you can see that they are not exclusive. They are very simple and nice.

In short the American Eagle have a lot of clothes to offer for this winter, you can combine a nice look, the clothes are very fashionable and as I said for every day. Of course the clothes that I didn’t like of this brand I didn’t showed here.

So this is the end of this post, I hope you enjoyed it and keep following me!!

Notice: I do not own these photos.


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