Barcelona & Costa Brava – Day 2

At the second day we had a perfect and sunny day, there was now rain. We woke up, then had breakfast, and after that I went to have some shopping. In Lloret De Mar you can find a nice ally that has some great shops, shops, banks and bars, it’s located in the old city.

That morning I bought two pairs of shoes, I bought one pair of STONEFLY, great shoes that I enjoy very much, they are very comfortable, you can wear them in the Fall season and in the winter. And the other pair is actually boots of PANAMA JACK, very high boots with fur in it.



After the shopping we went to have lunch, and after the lunch we traveled to Barcelona on a tour in Barcelona. We arrived to Barcelona at 02:00PM approximately, and began our tour at the Sagrada La Familia Basilica.

The Sagrada La Familia was planned and built by Antoni Gaudi, this Basilica is enormous, it’s really very big, I didn’t know how to make a photo of all this Giant Basilica. This Basilica or Church is an art that was made by Gaudi, I even think that we can consider it as a master piece of Gaudi, it’s one of his greatest works and projects. Lets remember that Antoni Gaudi lived in the second half of the 19th century and up to 1926, he was born in 1852. And this Gothic style was adopted by Gaudi, while all Gothic churches and Basilicas were built in earlier centuries.

After that we kept walking, I made some pictures of cars, as you know I love cars and it’s one my interests. How I can walk in Barcelona and not making some photos of great cars So Here are some cars that I made photos of them.

Then we walked more and saw other places, very great places. It’s all near to the Sagrada La Familia. Here are some pictures of these places.

As you know I love fashion so I noticed some shops of great brands.


Max Mara




Massimo Dutti






Official Store of Real Madrid – interesting to find it in Barcelona









Here is the famous market LA BOUQERIA, you can find there meat, see food, jamon(read it as hamon) and so on. Jamon is a smoked leg of a pork.



I even found a Starbucks Coffee store on the Rambla avenue.


Starbucks Coffee Store on the Rambla avenue

Then we kept walking and I took some great pictures of other places. Those Place are on the Rambla avenue, or just few dozens of meters from the Rambla avenue.

The next picture is very interesting, because you can see the clouds above in the sky and the interesting buildings that are inclined.


Rambla Avenue

An other interesting picture is with a young women standing on the balcony, and besides her you can see the Catalonia Flag with a star on it, like on the Cuba Flag.


Young women standing on a balcony on Rambla Avenue

I also found 3 more interesting cars, and of course I took pictures of those cars.

Later I saw more interesting places. I only remember the name of one of them, but the other names I don’t remember. If you travel to Barcelona try to remember those places and tell about them.


Some where near the Rambla


Some where near the Rambla


A man playing on a cello near the Rambla


A caption that I saw


The famous pub 4 CATS

After that I saw some other nice shops of very known brands like ZARA, Bershka, H&M etc.

After that we went to have some shopping at the El Corte Ingles shopping center, an enormous shopping center, an there are some of it. It is placed in very big buildings. I bought there a Calvin Klein Jeans Sweatshirt, very beautiful and stylish.


Calvin Klein Sweatshirt

After the shopping we took our bus and traveled to Lloret De Mar. I want to say that I enjoyed very much Barcelona this day. And I think that Barcelona is amazing city, it has awesome sites, parks and places. I enjoyed the Rambla avenue so much, it’s amazing, all the colors, the crowd, lots of shops and stores, markets and so on. If I had more time, I could go to the theaters, museums, other interesting sites.

So I hope that you enjoyed this post either, and thank you for following me and reading my posts. And of course to Barcelona & Costa Brava – Day 3!!!

Notice: all photos are mine.




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