Barcelona & Costa Brava – Day 1

I had this month a trip to Barcelona and Costa Brava. I visited amazing places and sites, enjoyed good food especially the desert, met amazing people and made some shopping, how can we go on a trip and not having any shopping.

At the first day I had a flight to Barcelona, I slept almost the whole flight. And then we landed at 09:00 AM, then the rain began to fall, by the way there was no rain all the rest days of the trip. Then we traveled to Barcelona, we went to the beginning of the Rambla avenue. You can find there a marina of yachts and a nice shopping center where we had our lunch. This shopping center is called Maremagnum.

It’s interesting that I found at the entrance of this shopping center two super cars for rent, something like 90 euros for 20min of ride, I think that it isn’t worth it, I prefer to rent a BMW M2 instead and enjoy it couple of days.

Here are some photos of the Marina. You can find there some yacht clubs.


Marina at the Port De Barcelona


Marina at the Port De Barcelona


Marina at the Port De Barcelona


Marina at the Port De Barcelona

Here are the two super cars that I saw there. Ferrari 458 Italia and Lamborghini Gallardo.


Ferrari 458 Italia and Lamborghini Gallardo


Ferrari 458 Italia and Lamborghini Gallardo

By the way I like the second picture with the super cars because you can see the reflection of the cars above.

Here you can see the beginning of the Rambla avenue where you can find live statues of real people. By the way the municipality allows these people to work here as live statues.


Rambla Avenue


Rambla Avenue


Rambla Avenue


Rambla Avenue


Rambla Avenue

One of the Most important stuff in Barcelona is the great architecture, very beautiful architecture. One of the most important and very known architects is Antoni Gaudi. I enjoyed visiting the buildings and places that he designed, just looking at it for an hour and think what he thought before building this place, what was going on in his mind. Other known artists that lived in Barcelona are Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Eusebi Guel, etc.

Right after finishing our meal at the Maremagnum, we traveled to the city where our hotel was, the city is called Lloret De Mar. It is a nice city that is based on tourism, and almost everyone there makes a living of the tourism.

The restaurant & buffet where we had our meal at the 1st day is  named Fresc Co, there are some good deals, you pay about 12.5 euros and you eat as much as you can. I visited two other restaurants of this kind in Barcelona and Montserrat, where you pay between 12 to 16 euros and eat as much as you can. Sometimes the drinks are included and sometimes they are not.

Here are some pictures of Lloret De Mar I made.


Lloret De Mar


Lloret De Mar


Lloret De Mar


Lloret De Mar

At the evening there was a rain and it was a very stormy day, so we actually stayed at the hotel this day. The hotel’s name is Gran Garbi Hotel, they claim to have 4 stars, I will give it only 3 stars. Lloret De Mar has a good Location in Costa Brava, you can rent a car and travel to all places and sites that you desire to visit in Costa Brava, because this city is almost in the center of Costa Brava.

I hope you enjoyed this post, there are 6 more post because there are 6 more days that I stayed in Catalonia.

Notice: all photos are mine.


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