Abercrombie & Fitch – Fall season

One of my favorite brands is Abercrombie & Fitch, although in the last years I don’t see a lot of this brand around. For example I have a fashionable and warming coat that I enjoy very much.

I think that this brand aims to every day fashion, and for going out to a pub, maybe to down town, to have a beer with your friends. You can wear a nice hoodie and a jeans that you can match to All Star® shoes.

Take for example the next Trout Knit Cardigan. You can put it on a T-shirt with jeans and sneakers and go out.

 Blue color, as I mentioned I love that color because it keeps me in calm in calm situation. So as you can understand, here is a nice blue denim shirt that you can wear on walk, maybe one day journey, or a date.

What about nice and fashionable trousers. These are actually lite brown jeans, they look nice, you can put it on a dog walk, maybe a short walk to the grocery and maybe just go out with your girlfriend.


Selvedge Straight Jeans

As I told, I think that the quality of the A&F coats and jackets is great. I have mine 4 years already and I enjoy it very much. So here you can see a Genuine Suede Bomber Jacket, it looks more like a brown leather, a little bit expensive but very fashionable and stylish, you can wear T-shirt or a Button Shirt, depends on your taste.

Hoodies, who doesn’t like them, a nice clothe that you put on yourself and go out, you can wear it on a walk outside, go to a pub, and even wear it for a lite run if it’s a cold Autumn day. Here is a nice gray hoodie that you can wear every day, and even at home. I imagine myself drinking hot cup of coffee while outside it is raining.

What about a nice old fashion and classic black vest, if you don’t like them it’s OK, but if you do you can have it and enjoy it.

And for the end I will show you trousers for everyday. You can wear it at home, outside, a dog walk and so on. Enjoy it, they are very comfortable.

So I hope you enjoyed my post about A&F, keep following me!!

Notice: I do not own these photos.


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