Interesting Style and Fashion – Desigual

When I was introduced to Desigual, I was curious, because I thought who would like this kind of fashion. For example I didn’t know if I would wear clothes of this brand, unless I found something very interesting. But when I entered the store I found very interesting fashion.

I love to go to stores and just check what they have to offer, and once I entered Desigual store I saw a variety of colors, and you know what something pulled me in and I started to explore the store.


For me it was like entering a fairy tail, lots of colors, kind of crystal chandeliers, nice and colorful parquets. And what I noticed, that it’s some how connected to Indian stuff, Krishna, Indian clothes, spiritual stuff of India and so on. In some way the design of the store reminds me the 1960s and the hippies.


But if you see the looks that can be combined of Desigual, you will see that they are very modern and you can wear them everyday and when you go out to some social events. For example, here you can see 2 dresses for women.


Dress by Desigual


Dress by Desigual

You can see that those dresses are very modern, the left one is very simple with some butterflies at the bottom. But the right one has an interesting and unique design, don’t you think so? I for example think that a woman sometimes has to have diverse clothes in her clothes.

Here are some colorful clothes of women. I think that those dresses are amusing some how, but make the women very mysterious and attracting.


Dress by Desigual


Dress by Desigual


Dress by Desigual


Dress by Desigual


Dress by Desigual

Nice and beautiful actually, women can wear the for going out, maybe have a shopping day, and maybe go on a short trip to some where. Everyone will notice your presence for sure.

Desigual has even what to offer for men, take for example the next Jackets.

Very modern, nice designed jackets, I like them, very simple, usual jackets.

And here you can see the sweatshirts.


Sweatshirt by Desigual


Sweatshirt by Desigual


Sweatshirt by Desigual

Very colorful sweatshirts, you can wear them in the Fall season, you can wear them on a trip, maybe when you go out and when you meet friends and so on.

And here you can find Blazers.

Nice blazers, you can wear them to social events, when you meet friends or go out.

So indeed, that’s a very interesting fashion, Desigual has to offer a variety of colorful and modern clothes. So go to explore Desigual!!

I hope you enjoyed this post!!

Notice: I do not own these photos.


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