H&M Autumn/Winter 2016

I was very curious of what H&M has to offer. And of course I went to check the stores of H&M, and I found that H&M is ready for the autumn and winter of 2016. I was surprised by what this brand has to offer us. Usually I go to Bershka and Zara, but here H&M made different clothes.

For example, take this wool jacket, it’s nice, very warming for the autumn season. You can combine it with a a sweater, maybe a button shirt, you can put jeans with this jacket.


H&M wool jacket

I like very much, long sleeve T-shirts, you can combine them with jackets, blazers, you can wear it without any jacket or blazer. And here H&M offers a nice T-shirt, I chose the blue color, because I prefer that color then the others(black, white and grey).


H&M long sleeve shirt

Of course that you can have the black wool jacket if you like it.


H&M black wool jacket

You already know that I like very much button shirts, and especially in blue, so H&M has what to offer, and this time it has its unique blue button shirt. You can wear this button shirt than sit at you balcony and have a hot cup of coffee.


H&M blue button shirt

In the next look you have a combination of nice sweatshirt in grey color, slim jeans in light grey color.


H&M combination of grey sweatshirt and slim light grey jeans

In the next picture you can notice of a classic look: white long sleeved T-shirt, black wool jacket and skinny blue jeans. That classic look fits students than other people. Yeah.. a classic student!!


H&M classic look

The next look I like very much, a simple outdoor look, you can wear it to a date, maybe just for dog walking and so on.


H&M look

Here you can notice of a wool long coat, it more fits a junior banker.


H&M wool coat

Here you have a combined look of some garments, but I want you to notice the wool coat and the wool scarf. It’s very warming, it gives you a style, gives you a young and classic look.


H&M wool coat and wool scarf

Notice of the next two combinations, in the first combination you have a pile brown jacket( in second thought I will try next time I go to H&M store), and in the second combination you have a blend wool jacket with nice trousers and shoes.


H&M wool jacket

Of course that you can find other combinations and garments, I just put what I most think that is more appropriate and what I would wear. If you liked another look, or other colors that’s OK, that means that you have another taste than what I have.

So, I hope you enjoyed H&M Autumn/Winter 2016 post!!

Notice: I do not own these photos.


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