My Trip To Czech Republic


I landed in Prague at night, 09:00 PM approximately, and since I entered the taxi, I began to feel the charms of Prague, some say it’s the most beautiful city in Europe.

On the first day I walked on the Charles Bridge, very ancient bridge and beautifully designed. Charles the 4th built the bridge, he was the ruler of the Sacrum Romanum Imperium.

In Prague I visited the national theater, I watched there an opera, of which name I don’t remember. I was at the black theater, and there I watched a light show of “Alice in Wonder Land”, that was an awesome show, that I recommend to everyone.

Here is the national theater:

Black theater:

I visited “Pushkin” restaurant, the dishes they served I loved very much, they were delicious especially the steaks , and the pork ribs, they were so sweet, and the dessert was lovely too. I ate in other places too, but that place I remember so good, it’s even designed according to the 19th century, when Pushkin lived.

Of course I was at other restaurants, but that is the one that left good memories.

By the way you must taste the Czech bears, and if you want you actually can enter local breweries, believe me those bears are good. Very famous Czech bears are Kozel, Pilsner, Staropramen, Starobrno etc.

You should visit Prague Castle, it’s a very beautiful place, and in the center of it the Cathedral of Saint Vitos. You can find the alchemist alley near to the Castle.


by google

You can go to the Jewish part of the prague, there is the synagogue with a tale about the Golem whose creator was Rabai Yehuda Liva. The synagogue is called Altnoyshell.


by google

You can visit in Prague the “Václavské náměstí“, a central square in Prague, you can find there malls and other boutiques and shops.


by google

So I recommend you very much to visit Prague and enjoy it.

Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary is placed at the western part of Czech Republic. It’s a very colorful town. Most of the people who visit this town come because of medical reasons. Karlovy Vary has natural springs which can cure people, but in addition it has hotels which offer spa and massages and lots of medical and curing stuff.

Notice: All photos are mine, unless it’s says that the picture was taken from google.


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