Exclusive Garments and Accessories

Sometimes it’s time to wear exclusive garments and accessories. But at which places or occasions we can wear such garments and accessories. And it depends on the culture we come from, every society has it’s own understanding of exclusive garments and accessories.

We wear exclusive garments and accessories to weddings, balls, important conferences, special meetings, etc. I think that a man who respect himself enough must have exclusive garments and accessories in his closet.


I think that every man has to wear a watch. When a man doesn’t wear a watch, it feels that something is missing, and it’s not a complete composition.

I love Swiss Made watches, they are accurate, elegant, beautiful, today everyone can afford a Swiss watch, there are plenty kinds of them. But if you want to compose a classic view you must choose a classic and elegant watch.

Take for example Tag Heuer, here is a very classic and exclusive watch. Very accurate watch, and by seeing this watch on your hand, everyone around you will understand that you are a very important person.


Tag Heuer Carrera Mikrograph

For this kind of watch we need to match a nice belt. And when I think about that, I go straight to Hermes. The next HERMES belt has a unique sight, brown leather, very soft and gentle.


Belt by HERMES

Then we have to match nice, elegant and exclusive shoes. Lets go straight to LOUIS VUITTON, there we can find nice pair of shoes that will you a unique view:



Now we need to find a nice button shirt, I think that maybe Versace has something to offer. Lets see at this light blue shirt.

Then the suit, GIORGIO ARMANI always has nice suits to offer us. Here is a nice suit that will fit you and match to all the accessories.

Now we can match a nice jacket to this suit. The Jacket will be by Dolce & Gabbana.

I would like to match a bag of ZILLI.


And a tie by purple label of Ralph Lauren.

The important issue, that when you compose a look, or want to match one garment to an accessory, do it for yourself, and you must feel free and be yourself. If you feel that you are not a guy of exclusive stuff, than do not wear exclusive garments. But if you like these clothes and accessories, so wear more of these garments. Just be your self and feel free!!

So I hope you enjoyed this post, and keep following!!

Notice: I do not own these pictures.


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