Affordable fashion – Look No.5 by Yan

When we think about affordable clothes, we go straight to ZARA, Bershka, H&M and so on. Some people prefer not to spent a lot of money on clothes, and then they safe the money. But it doesn’t say that they won’t look fashionable, there is actually a large variety of clothes, and very fashionable clothes that can be combined into a very nice and trendy look.

I won’t show you super brands, and I won’t tell you to buy fancy clothes and garments like. This post is more deliberated to people with a limited budget but people who want to wear trendy stuff.

Now it’s the fall season, so I will compose a look for this season.

Everyone today in Europe is familiar with Bershka. Bershka offers nice stylish and trendy clothes. Then I will combine in the look a Jacket and a T-shirt by Bershka. ZARA has elegant clothes that can fit a variety of people. So I will choose  pants by ZARA. About shoes and a belt, I prefer ZARA’s shoes and belt. For the end I will choose a hat by H&M and a scarf by ZARA.

Jacket by Bershka:


Jacket by Bershka


Jacket by Bershka


Jacket by Bershka

Button shirt by Bershka:


Button Shirt by Bershka


Button Shirt by Bershka


Button Shirt by Bershka

Pants by ZARA:


Pants by ZARA


Pants by ZARA


Pants by ZARA

Shoes by ZARA:

Belt by ZARA:

Hat by H&M:


Hat by H&M

Scarf by ZARA:

This is a look for the fall, it’s actually affordable clothes for everyone, especially who has a limited budget or for someone who doesn’t like to spend a lot of money on clothes.

So I hope you enjoyed this post, and like always, wear what mostly fits you and what makes you feel yourself!!

Notice: I do not own these photos.


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