Fall fashion- Look No.4 by Yan

Sometimes we don’t need to show a fancy appearance, and we just need to wear simple clothes in order to be according to the current fashion or in order to look well.

For example these days in the fall, you should choose garments that first of all shows that you are prepared to this season and your closet has a variety of clothes for this season, second you must show that you don’t wear monotonic clothes, or colors, you must show that you are happy, delightful and charming and of course you have to show simplicity.

And that’s why I will give you a look of famous brands, a simple look, but from an other sight you will show a solid and strong presence. This look has a button shirt by Versace, slim flit trousers by Polo Ralph Lauren, shoes by Prada,  belt by DSQUARED2, scarf by Armani Collezioni and a hat by Armani Collezioni.

Button shirt by Versace:


button shirt by Versace

Slim fit trousers by Polo Ralph Lauren:

shoes by Prada:


shoes by Prada

Belt by DSQUARED2:


belt by DSQUARED2

Scarf by Armani Collezioni:


scarf by Armani Collezioni

Hat by Armani Collezioni:


hat by Armani Collezioni

I hope you enjoyed this post and the most important is making decisions for your self, feel free to wear what the most fits you!!

Notice: I do not own these photos.


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