Paul & Shark: Fall Winter 2016 Men’s Collections

When I saw the new collection of Fall-Winter 2016, I thought that I will see some fancy, shining and sparkling garments, but not here. What I like about Paul & Shark, that the garments are very simple but with high quality. Not Always you look for fancy clothes.

Remember that Paul & Shark is connected to the sea, sailing and yachts, and the sailors are simple people, and they are looking for more practical garments. For example take this wool jacket:


wool jacket by Paul & Shark – Fall Winter 2016

This wool jacket fits especially Captains of Sailing Boats, it doesn’t look fancy, but the logo of Paul & Shark leaves an impression on the surrounding.

Sometimes Paul & Shark are so practical, that I can see right away what’s the designation of that garments. For example a sailor on a boat can wear the next coat at a stormy day in the middle of the sea and he is busy with sailing stuff in order to get over this stormy sea:


coat by Paul & Shark – Fall Winter 2016

But sometimes a man is looking for something worm in order to wear at home beside the fireplace and to drink a cup of hot coffee. And he would like to wear a very nice sweater in which he will feel very comfortable. And here I think I can advice him to wear the next wool sweater and maybe even the pants, and to take off a little bit the zipper in order the button shirt will be seen:


wool sweater, pants and button shirt by Paul & Shark – Fall Winter 2016

A very good looking guy usually likes garments that shows how he looks good, sometimes that kind of a guy will sear a sport elegant clothes. For Example look at the next two looks, they are fits him right away, and they emphasize his good looking body:

And why not to choose the good looking classic sweater, just look how it looks, very simple, has a blue color like the sea, has a tiny logo of Paul & Shark, just made for sailors:


Very simple, practical, you can wear it everywhere, if go out, even if you stay at home, and of course for sailing. If you have a boat, you must have Paul & Shark’s garments at your closet.

And for the end if you want to impress your wife, girlfriend maybe your new date, choose the next look:


Nice Ahh… very classic indeed!!!

So I hope you enjoyed today’s post about Fall-Winter 2016 by Paul & Shark!! And if you want more looks of this new collection, enter the next link and enjoy it: Fall Winter Men’s Collection by Paul & Shark.

Notice: I do not own these photos, they are reserved to Paul & Shark.


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