Fashion – Look No.3 by Yan

When I go to buy elegant garments, I choose them very carefully because first of all I want to look good, and I want to combine a very good look, and the quality matters too. People today think that if they wear only brands, they will look good, but not, here the whole thing starts.

I am not a stylist, and I am not a designer, but I think that I know a little bit about men fashion. Sometimes the seller try to sell me things that doesn’t fit me, or they are not in my taste, and I keep looking patiently for what I like.

Once somebody told me, what you wear tells the surrounding who you are. So choose carefully what you wear. It can be a simple brand not a fancy brand, but if it fits you well and looks good on you, you will see how the people around you will treat you in another way, a better way.

So of course I will give you here a third look. I will combine a Just Cavalli shoes, Valentino button shirt, and Hugo Boss pants. And the autumn is approaching, so according to this season I will make for you this look.

Button shirt by Valentino:


Pants by Hugo Boss:

Shoes by Just Cavalli:


And you know for the end I show you a nice belt by Armani Jeans:


So enjoy this Post, I hope you liked it!!

Notice: I do not own these Photos!!


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