Fashion -Look No.2 by Yan

We return to fashion. I already told you that I love stylish brands. Here I will tell you about a brand that I like very much, I think because the garments are beautiful in my opinion and the quality is very high, and of course made in Italy.

I will describe hear about “Paul & Shark” brand. I am just crazy about that brand, maybe because I love the sea, maybe sailing. I actually want to sail when I were “Paul & Shark” garments. It pushes me forward to go sailing.

But here I will tell you about combination only of “Paul & Shark”. I will tell you what pants you should wear and what shoes, a button shirt and a Jacket. Remember the autumn is approaching, so I will give you a look which is for this season.

So Here is a button shirt:








So enjoy this look. And you can even visit sometimes Paul and Shark site:Paul & Shark!

Notice: I don’t own these Photos.


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