We have dreams since we were kids, for example I had a dream to become a race driver, of course I didn’t become. But we have them always, new dreams com, old dreams go.

But I think that we have the right to make our dreams come true, and I mean those dreams that put us one step forward in life, the dreams that gives us something valuable in life, like to become a parent(yes that’s a dream of some people who have obstacles to have kids), or to buy a sport car, for example I want at least once a life to have a sport car, I like that adrenaline that flows in my veins we I do extreme sport.


But I always wanted to be an engineer, when I was a kid I wanted to become a Civil engineer, then a software Engineer, then electrical engineer, and in the end I became a mech And of course like I said, that profession made me live a better life then before.


I remember that always wanted to visit USA, that was a really big dream. I wanted to see all the big cars, big buildings, all the big shops like Macy’s. And when I could, I traveled to the USA, visited my relatives, I visited in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Las Vegas. That was an awesome trip, but there are other places to visit in USA.

Now of course I have new dreams, and I am working about making them come true. And I say don’t give up guys, keep trying, we live only once.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post of mine.

Notice: I don’t own these Photos.


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