My Passions & Interests

My Passions & Interests

So there are some passion that I have. Some of them will boring, and some are not. But the main passions or interests that I have are cars, fashion, life style, engineering, traveling, sport and by the time I will share some other of my interests.

I am a frick of sport, I go to the gim, I swim, I run, just for being in shape and for my health. And it addictive, believe if you decide to get in it, you won’t stop exercising.

Also I love cars, and everything that is connected to cars and automotive niche.

Traveling the world is my chronic sickness that I started three years ago. Before that I had not had the budget to travel.

When I got into fashion, there wasn’t a way back. I must be dressed according to the currently fashion. I am not a millionaire, I wear a very known brands like Paul & Shark, Emperio Armani, Lacoste, Le Coq Sportif, Piere Cardin, Polo Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss etc. Sometimes I like to advise people to combine a look of garments.

Notice: I don’t own this Photo.


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