Interesting Style and Fashion – Desigual

When I was introduced to Desigual, I was curious, because I thought who would like this kind of fashion. For example I didn’t know if I would wear clothes of this brand, unless I found something very interesting. But when I entered the store I found very interesting fashion. I love to go to stores and just check what they have to offer, and once … Continue reading Interesting Style and Fashion – Desigual

Exclusive Garments and Accessories

Sometimes it’s time to wear exclusive garments and accessories. But at which places or occasions we can wear such garments and accessories. And it depends on the culture we come from, every society has it’s own understanding of exclusive garments and accessories. We wear exclusive garments and accessories to weddings, balls, important conferences, special meetings, etc. I think that a man who respect himself enough … Continue reading Exclusive Garments and Accessories